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Dr John is a master of international aesthetics. Over the years, he has achieved worldwide fame due to his exceptional skills and easygoing attitude and has appeared in media all around the globe. 

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What Dr. John's Face Lift patients say:

"[...] DR.John and his team has been an absolute pleasure … I had a face and neck lift , and upper eye surgery.…. As you can imagine I was a nervous wreck… I was put at ease from the moment I went into surgery and all through the procedures, listening to my favourite music , and the team supporting me ….. The results are amazing and I am so pleased I plucked up the courage to have it done …. My skin was very damaged due to too much sun and illness …. My eyes are amazing …. I can’t thank Dr.John and his team enough…. I feel and look (I think) 10 years younger ….. I Would recommend to anyone thinking about having anything done …. Do it … we’ll worth it 4"
Susan Smith
"I had Gynecomastia surgery and Vaser Liposuction [...]. It had bothered me for many years and Im glad I got it done. My Surgeon was Dr John and he was amazing. Very funny and kept me entertained for the 4 hour procedure."
Graeme Cawley
"Just had my gynecomastia surgery with dr John was amazing and am so happy with results just the day after I was made to feel so comfortable by everyone there and especially dr John and the others doing the surgery great place great people will definitely recommend to others"
Harryjames L
"Dr John and his team were amazing! Had my gyno procedure done at Juvenis and I can’t recommend it enough."
"Had a great experience, everyone who works there was exceptionally nice and made you feel comfortable. The results have also been great thanks to Dr John."
"Had my gynecomastia surgery on Saturday 14th May with Dr John, It was a smooth successful process and a very different experience , Dr John was really relaxed, confident & easygoing, also his assistant Mohamet was really good to speak to, they both had me calm and relaxed,I knew I was in good hands. I didn’t feel a thing, they gave me crocks to wear, which were really comfortable & I was even asked what type of music I wanted to listen to upon surgery, the whole process was about an hour. I am now in the recovery process, have to wear compression garment for 4 weeks, for best possible results. Will see how it goes, but I’m happy and glad I had it done. Very impressed with the results, overall thank you to Dr John & Mohamet (sorry if I spelt name wrong)"
Qasim R

Dr. John's Face Lift Results:

Facelift Explained

Performed by making small incisions around the hairline and ears, before lifting both the lower half of the face (below the eyelids, around the cheekbones, and down to the upper lip) and the upper half of the face (the eyebrows, forehead, and upper eyes) and elevating the cheek pads, a full facelift provides clients with a full rejuvenation of the face.

The procedure is ideal for those who feel they would benefit from a lift all over the face and would enjoy the appearance of more elevated cheekbones.

Dr. John's answering questions about face lift

Cost and finance of your Gynecomastia Surgery

Prices for gynecomastia surgery with Dr John start from £4000. Discounted rates (5%-10%) may apply when combining different procedures such as gynecomastia and liposuction. There are also finance options available, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team through the form below, call us on 07835 050499 or send us an email at: for further information.

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Dr John is a master of international aesthetics. Over the years, he has achieved worldwide fame due to his exceptional skills and easygoing attitude and has appeared in media all around the globe. 

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