Ask Dr John: All About Lip Lifts

What is a lip lift?

“A lip lift basically means we’re going to be lifting the top part of the lip. By decreasing the space between the base of the nose down to the philtrum, it gives the appearance of a heightened pout.”

What is an upper lip lift?

“It’s essentially the same thing – we’re lifting the upper part of the lip.”

Who is a suitable candidate for a lip lift?

“Suitable candidates are those that have thin lips and a long space between the nose and the lip.”

How long does it take to recover from the lip lift?

“It takes 2 weeks for the sutures to dissolve and the wound to heal, and a couple months for the final results.”

What are the results?

“The results are fuller, and better shaped lips, as well as less space between the nose and the philtrum.”

Can I get lip fillers after my lip lift?

“Yes, you can. But the point of getting a lip lift is you aren’t going to need fillers anymore!”

Rather watch the video? Watch it here.


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