Ask Dr John: BBL Myth Busting

“Petite or thin women cannot consider BBLs.”

This is untrue – I’ve performed BBLs on very many petite, thin women. It’s very possible to find fat in places where you didn’t even know you had it.

However, if some people don’t have enough fat, we can’t perform it. But if there’s enough skin and space back there, it’s still possible to give you a nice added shape.

“You lose a lot of weight after a BBL.”

 No, as we’re taking out fat and putting it back into another area.

“BBLs always look fake.”

No, it depends on who does it and how they do it. Of course, if you want a gigantic bum that doesn’t look realistic then yes, but I personally like to sculpt it to make it look like it’s natural.

“The fat placed into the bottom doesn’t survive.”

Up to 40% of the fat can die off, but that leaves you 60% left over. If you really do filtration and you have a really good machine for harvesting, most of it will survive.

“This is the deadliest plastic surgery procedure.”

 I think statistics still haven’t changed, but techniques have. This has to be relooked at and revisited again. Now, we use a closed sterile system, so anything we suck out, comes out, and goes back in sterilely, so there is no room to get an infection.

Secondly, the other reason that BBLs have been deadly in the past was due to the risks of getting an embolism. This happens to a cannula being pierced through a fat vessel. We use blood cannulas now, so the risks have really dropped. They’re there, but it’s a lot rarer now.

“Fat arrives better when it is injected into the butt muscle.”

No, you don’t want to inject it into the muscle. You put it into the space between the skin and the muscle.

“Only women can get BBLs.”

Guys can get BBLs too – if they want it, they can get it!

Rather watch the video? Watch it here.


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