Ask Dr John: What are some myths about blepharoplasty?

“There is only one type of blepharoplasty”

No – there are several types. Upper, lower, trans-conjunctival (where you do it from the inside of the eye, rather than the outside).

“The blepharoplasty stops the ageing process”

No, I wish it could stop the ageing process – that would be great! What it does do though, is that it rejuvenates your eyes by taking off that extra skin that has been growing there for years, and it usually lasts about 12-15 years.

“The blepharoplasty will result in a ‘surprised’ or ‘frozen’ look”

No, it doesn’t do that. You take off the optimal amount of skin from the upper or lower eyelids, get rid of the puffiness, get rid of the extra skin and tighten up the muscles, so that you have a more open-eye, or so you don’t get that ‘hooding’ or that extra weight over your eyes. If you want to get a surprised look, or a frozen look, you can do botox on your forehead.

“Male and female patients require the same approach to the blepharoplasty”

The approach is essentially the same – the amount of skin you’re taking off depends, but usually males have more skin and their skin is thicker, so I will use a thicker suture when I’m suturing it up. Men usually also tend to have more fat under the skin. Then again, every patient is different.

“Scarring is noticeable”

Scarring is actually usually unnoticeable – if you’ve seen my before and after photos, you’ll notice that a lot of these patients don’t even look like they’ve had surgery. This is because we hide the surgery very well.

However, every surgery has a scar, and if you know what to look for, you can find it. For the upper eyelids (the upper blepharoplasty), we hide it right in the natural crease of the lid. For the lower eyelids, there’s a little line right as close to possible to the eyelids that are cut, and so the scar is hidden pretty well in this area. After around 6 months and you’re using the right treatment – like silicone gel for scars – the scar should be unnoticeable.

“A blepharoplasty always removes dark circles”

Unfortunately, not. If there are dark circles on the skin that we are removing then yes, but usually dark circles come from other things, like a vitamin deficiency, staying up late, etc.

“The blepharoplasty treats upper eyelids and eyebrow hooding”

It will treat upper eyelid hooding but not eyebrow hooding. If you want to lift your eyebrows, then you’d want to do a brow lift instead. 

“The blepharoplasty is just a cosmetic procedure”

Well, no. It is technically a cosmetic procedure, but we’re often not doing it just for the look. Patients often come in and say that they feel tired and look tired, and it is usually due to the hanging skin above the eyes blocking out their peripheral vision.

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