Brow King’s wake-up call on beauty inclusivity as he livestreams ground-breaking liposuction op

The “Brow King” live-streamed his latest liposuction op to raise awareness of male beauty treatments and highlight Dr John’s ground-breaking technique that meant he was awake during the whole procedure.

Celebrity eyebrow expert and social media sensation Sal Cikikcioglu said his decision to stream the procedure was in part prompted by his dream of beauty inclusivity.

“I’ve always been really open about any procedures I’ve had because I think it’s really important,” he says.

“This sort of thing never used to get spoken about and while it’s improving, more can be done to make men feel more comfortable about surgery and using beauty products and make-up.

“I chose Dr John because he carries out liposuction without a general anaesthetic.

“Recently I had panic attacks about being put to sleep so cancelled surgery at a different clinic three times.

“But I then saw Dr John on video carrying out liposuction while chatting away to the patient and it made me feel really comfortable.

“He’s the only one in the UK that I found who does liposuction under a local anaesthetic.

“And when we had a consultation, he made me feel really at ease about the whole thing.”

Dr John says: “I’ve performed hundreds of liposuction surgeries under local anaesthesia as it’s safer and more efficient.

“It provides the desired results without the risk and hassle of a general anaesthetic.”


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