Comfortable and Relaxed – Dr John and his Team are Brilliant

We always try to look after our clients in the best way we can – so it’s great when that hard work is appreciated.

A few weeks ago, Paul Godfrey came in for a liposuction procedure.

After contracting Covid – and then suffering the effects of long Covid – he put on some unwanted weight.

“I tried dieting, I got medication from the NHS but I just couldn’t shift the weight I’d put on. I got up to 15st.

“I’ve never been that big in my life and I was struggling to do anything about it.”

So, he decided to go ahead with the procedure – and couldn’t have been happier.

“Dr John and his team were just brilliant,” he tells us.

“I’ve had Botox and fillers before, but liposuction is something I’ve never really thought about.

“To have it done and to start seeing the change straight away was amazing. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else to have it done.

“It’s amazing. I thought it would be fine and then on the way there I got really nervous. ‘What are you doing?’

“When I got there, I felt really comfortable and safe.

“Someone came out from having a procedure before me, and they were so happy and confident, so all my nerves just disappeared.

“The whole time the procedure was going on it was amazing! We were having a laugh and listening to music.

“This may seem a little strange to some people, but I felt relaxed and comfortable and really confident about the whole thing.

“I knew I was in good hands.”


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