Cosmetic Surgery — 5 Common Misconceptions

It’s all about looks

While facelifts and boob jobs get the headlines, they are only part of plastic surgery practice. Surgeons care about the functional and overall results – not just the aesthetics. Different techniques can sort breathing problems, muscle and back pain, general comfort… as well as self-esteem.

It’s only for women

Over the last 20 years, the number of men getting plastic surgery procedures has increased significantly. Almost one in ten cosmetic surgeries performed in the UK are on men and more surgeons are including these treatments in the online marketing.

Cosmetic surgery is dangerous

Every operation has its own risks – but cosmetic surgery is no more dangerous than other procedures. Your surgeon should talk through any issues that could arise, as well as telling you about recovery options and pain relief.

You have to be rich

While it’s true that good surgery does not come cheap, the introduction of less-invasive procedures has made it more affordable. Fillers, liquid nose jobs are just a couple of examples.

No scars and it lasts forever

Surgery has improved to such a level that incisions are now more refined and smaller. But all types of invasive procedure will cause some type of scarring. There are ways to minimise this.

And, while lots of procedures last for years —  the clock does keep on ticking. However, healthy living, the appropriate skin care and less-invasive offerings can help you keep that youthful look for longer.

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