The Costs of Cheap Plastic Surgery Abroad

For us here at Dr John – and for any reputable surgeon – every patient’s health and safety is our top priority.

However, as highlighted in this Sky News report, there are still too many people in the UK choosing the cheaper option when it comes to going under the knife.

The Sky investigation looked at so-called medical tourism – with people getting plastic surgery abroad being left “disfigured”, with painful wounds and even rendering them unable to look after themselves.

Medical tourism – which commonly refers to the act of travelling abroad for cosmetic procedures – can be initially enticing.

The primary cost of the surgery is usually less than you’d pay in the UK, and a potential week or so basking in the sun sweetens the deal for many.

But as we’ve said before, choosing the cheaper option can be risky.

A new British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) audit has shown the number of patients being treated for serious complications following cosmetic procedures abroad is a major problem, with 324 requiring surgery after returning to the UK in the past four years.

The annual number of such complications rose by a massive 44% in 2021, despite patients being advised against unnecessary travel throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medical tourism costs the NHS an estimated £15,000 every time a patient requires urgent medical care.

Indeed, there are some cases that see patients having undergone inexpensive treatment abroad, whose health hasn’t been negatively affected as a result of the procedure. Despite this, Dr John has still treated many patients who have returned with problems that have had to be amended – some of which can’t be fixed with one surgery, either.

You can’t put a price on the emotional cost of a botched surgery abroad. However, it is important to understand that this doesn’t mean that there aren’t good surgeons abroad – there are good surgeons everywhere. And a surgeon that charges more isn’t necessarily indicative of the surgeon’s skill – this is why we suggest that everybody looking to go under the knife should do their homework first.

Dr John and his team are committed to providing the best care for our patients – and our reviews back this up.

So, if you’re interested in undergoing cosmetic surgery, get in touch and we’ll help you to make the right choice for you!


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