Five Step Checklist When Selecting a Plastic Surgeon

The UK’s appetite for cosmetic procedures is on the rise.

And if you’re one of the thousands considering treatment – it’s vital you do your homework.

From choosing a reputable surgeon who is appropriately qualified – to making sure you’re having the right procedure…

Here are five things to consider before making your mind up:

  1. Understand the outcome you want

Why are you considering plastic surgery? Whatever your reason – aesthetic, confidence, self-esteem or medical – these procedures can last a few years, or for the rest of your life. Really think hard before committing. And any good surgeon will not rush you or pressure you to make a decision when you’re not ready!

  1. Find somebody with a proven reputation

It’s crucial to make sure your surgeon is properly qualified. Are they registered with the General Medical Council (GMC)? How long have they been practising? You can find specifics on the requirements here.

It’s also good to check reviews and “before and after” pictures. A surgeon’s work speaks for itself.

  1. Be aware of your financial situation

Plastic surgery is expensive – and you should not go for a cheap option. It can be complex and requires huge amount of training, skill and experience. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t have your teeth fixed by a plumber!

Costs you should factor in include: consultation; the procedure itself; administration costs; time off work, travel and potential accommodation.

It might be tempting to consider cheaper options abroad – however this can be risky.

  1. Do your homework (and ask questions)

Before you commit, make sure to read up on the procedure. Ask the surgeon for their advice. If you have other general worries – take a look at our FAQs.

  1. Be patient

It’s vital to use the cooling-off period offered by your practitioner. This is a window following your consultation which gives you the chance to think hard about what you’re having done. It’s a crucial part of the process and will help you make the best decision for YOU.

Is cosmetic surgery something you’ve been considering? Why not reach out to Dr John and his team who are happy to answer any questions.


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