Gynecomastia Surgery with Love Island’s Tom Powell

Gynecomastia is a condition that affects 35% of all men.

Thankfully, younger sufferers usually just grow out of it, and others can simply be treated with hormone medication.

But for many, this is not an option – and surgery is the only course of action.

Despite being extremely common, gynecomastia is a condition many men are still afraid to talk about… let alone have treated by a specialist.

This is why Love Island star and online coach Thomas Powell’s decision to livestream his surgery with Dr John is so important.

His motivation was to highlight that the condition can affect anyone and that men should not be afraid to talk about it or get treatment.

“I thought we should get it out there,” Thomas said before the operation.

“Why not show people the full surgery from start to finish? Then they might be less scared and more willing to take the plunge.”

“I reckon 75% of men that go to gyms have it and they’re too afraid to talk about it.

“Since I’ve put it out there, I’ve had loads of people message me – and they’re all people who wouldn’t have talked about it before.”

Dr John said: “Many men suffer from gynecomastia – and even though I do this operation around three times a day – men are still embarrassed to talk about it for fear of being mocked.

“That’s why what Thomas did is so important. He is bringing awareness to a very important health issue, and by doing so will help thousands of men.”

Do you think you could benefit from gynecomastia surgery like Tom? Why not reach out to Dr John and his friendly team?


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