The Most Popular Procedures for Men

It’s been a slow burn – but more and more men are undergoing cosmetic procedures.

Gone are the days that they’re embarrassed about even using moisturiser.

Social pressure to look good is not limited to merely women. That’s why almost 1 in 10 cosmetic surgeries in the UK are performed on men, and why more and more cosmetic surgeons are catering to them in their online marketing efforts.

Dr John weighed in on the topic: “It’s become more acceptable for men to care about how they look. And with that, they’ve become more confident in looking into different ways to achieve their goals.

“My consultation rooms used to be very much women-only. But that’s definitely changed.

“We are now getting loads of men coming in for a whole range of procedures – and they leave delighted with their results.”

Some of the most popular procedures for men:

Other procedures available for men:

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