Ask Dr John: All About Neck Lifts

What is a neck lift?

“A neck lift is where we lift up the muscle (the platysma) that is becoming weak in the neck and lifting the extra skin (and/or removing it).”

Is neck lift surgery dangerous?

“Every surgery is dangerous but on the scale of dangerousness, the platysmaplasty/neck lifts are not that dangerous. If your surgeon knows what they’re doing, it’s very hard to have a complication.”

Is a neck lift painful?

“No, actually. I do it under local anaesthetic, so we will inject under the jaw and numb everything under the neck. I also numb the lower face as well, as skin will be pulled upwards. One thing that is felt is just pulling and some tension, but it’s not painful at all.”

Where are neck lift scars?

‘They are behind the ear and around the hairline, as well as the corner of the lobe up until the tragus. The reason I do this is to hide the extra skin that is going to be pulled upwards.”

How long does the procedure last?

“Statistically, 12-15 years, provided you take care of it.”

What is the mini neck lift?

“The mini neck lift just refers to a face lift that is sutured behind the ears.”

Does neck lift tape work?

“I suppose it works – it is a temporary fix, I guess you can tape anything you want.”

Who is the best neck lift surgeon in the UK?

“I’m pretty good! But I don’t know… okay, it’s me!”

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