10 Top Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments of 2022

Non-surgical procedures are a great for people who want to boost their looks with minimal impact on their busy life.

For many, having one of these treatments is just like having a haircut or a manicure. In total, there were 13.3 million cosmetic minimally invasive procedures performed in 2020.

Here are 10 non-surgical procedures we expect to be popular in 2022.

Face and lip fillers

Fillers tend to last between 6 and 18 months. They can help reduce fine lines, wrinkles, furrows, sagging skin, and help an overall hydrated, softened and volumised appearance to the skin.


Botox – or Botulinum toxin – is performed via injections to the face and works by relaxing the muscles to smooth out lines and wrinkles. As well as giving clients a more youthful look, it also treats some medical conditions such as neck spasms, excessive sweating, and eye disorders.

Lip blushing

Pigments are injected into your lips using small needles and water-based inks. The aim is to give a fuller, more defined look to the lips. Some use blushing just to change the colour of their lips. The effects usually last between 2 to 3 years, and gradually fade over time.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Also known as the BBL – it aims to  change the size and shape of the buttocks. It tends to be done by injecting fat from elsewhere in the body into the bottom.

Non-surgical nose job

Also known as a liquid rhinoplasty, the procedure works by injecting a filler under the skin to temporarily change the structure of your nose. These are much less expensive – and less painful – than the traditional rhinoplasty, and last around 6 months.

Laser facial treatment

Laser facial resurfacing works by removing skin layer by layer with precision, giving the patient a younger, tighter looking surface.

Microdermabrasion/chemical peels

Fine crystals and a vacuum are used to remove dead skin cells. It works on the face, neck, chest, back and hands to reduce fine lines, small scars, wrinkles and age spots making the skin appear smoother and more youthful.

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting

This helps remove excess fat in stubborn areas by freezing fat cells and killing and breaking them down in the process. It reduces the appearance of cellulite and was the most used body sculpting procedure in the US in 2018.

Brow lamination

This involves straightening and lifting the hairs of your eyebrows using a chemical solution and contorting them into your desired style. It will give you a soft but full feathered look to the brows and usually lasts for 4 to 6 weeks.

Keratin treatment

This is for people who want straighter, shinier-looking hair. Lasting for around 6 months, it works by having the chemical treatment brushed through wet hair – keeping it there for around half an hour before being washed out.

Are you planning on investing in a non-surgical cosmetic treatment this year, or would you simply like to know more? Contact us here, today!


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