Ask Dr John: Penis Enlargement Myths

Lengthening with weights – is it a good idea?

“I have never heard that actually working, so no. It might hurt, though!”

Male enhancement is a scam

“No, actually it’s not. You can gain a few centimetres in length, and also double the girth.”

Any method works right away

“No, unfortunately everything takes time to settle down, so you will see a chance, but you can’t use it right away. It’s best to wait a couple of weeks to see results.”

Wanting a bigger penis is wrong

“No, I think that guys have very little options when compared to women in terms of cosmetic enhancements, so this is definitely an option for men. If you feel that you need it and you want (and I’m sure there’s a lot out there that need this), I don’t think it’s a bad thing to do at all.”

Male enhancement is just about making the penis larger

“No, it’s about allowing the patient to feel better about themselves, about the patient being able to bring satisfaction to their partner, and improving their overall confidence.”

There is nothing scientific about male enhancement

“Science is about measured results, so if you don’t think it’s scientific to have double the circumference of your penis, then I don’t know! It’s all science – we take fat, we place it in the penile shaft, double the circumference and add an extra few centimetres of length as well, so scientifically it improves the size.”

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