“Plastic surgery is not just about vanity”

Plastic surgery is not just about vanity and has a vital role to play in helping boost the mental and physical health of many who choose to go under the knife, according to Paul Godfrey, who recently underwent a liposuction procedure with Dr John.

In the last two years, the blogger has suffered from a number of health issues that saw him put on weight.

“I had Covid and was in intensive care for two weeks and now I’ve got long Covid,” he tells us.

“I tried dieting, I got medication from the NHS but I just couldn’t shift the weight I’d put on. I got up to 15st.

“I’ve never been that big in my life and I was struggling to do anything about it.

“It ended up putting a real strain on my physical and mental state.

“People were commenting on my weight or rubbing my stomach when they met me.”

Paul has been a long-time follower of Dr John’s work, so he was the natural choice when he decided to go down the liposuction route.

However, not everyone supported his decision to go under the knife.

“When I told people I was having the operation, my close family weren’t keen at all. They told me just to go on a diet.

“But the weight gain, and being unable to shift it, was really affecting my mental health.

“Some of my closest friends told me just to go and get it done.

“I think plastic surgery is still frowned upon by loads of people. But they need to realise that a lot of the time, it’s not at all about vanity.

“And since I had the op, I sent pictures to my family and friends and they are blown away by the results.

“Even with a bit of swelling, I’m probably down two clothes sizes already.”

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