Questions About Labiaplasty That You May Be Too Shy to Ask…

Despite the fact that around 10,000 labiaplasty procedures are performed each year, unfortunately many women still have reservations about the procedure, simply due to being too embarrassed to ask necessary questions about it.

In turn, we here at Dr John are here to shed light on the labiaplasty, and answer some of the very common questions that many women have.

  1. Are they medically necessary?

For the most part, a labiaplasty isn’t medically necessary, but it does offer a wide range of functional benefits.

Although the procedure can be solely cosmetic, as we have recently reported, Dr John’s patients cases are often not:

“Most of the women who I see are not having a labiaplasty for cosmetic reasons. They are having it for medical or health reasons,” Dr John noted.

Indeed, longer labias can become uncomfortable in some situations – for example, during sex, exercise, or even just by sitting. This discomfort may encourage women to undergo the procedure.

  1. Why do some people have longer labias?

Everybody’s body is different, and many women are simply born with a longer labia than others. However, childbirth and ageing can also result in labia elongation, making the procedure sometimes desirable in later life. 

  1. When can I do *it* after surgery?

We would advise that sex – as well as exercise and intimate grooming – should be avoided entirely during the first few weeks of your surgery.

Walking is permitted after a few days of undergoing a labiaplasty, but you should expect to withhold from exercising for about a month.

Intimate grooming around the labia – such as shaving, waxing or applying hair removal creams – should be skipped for about 6 weeks or so. The same applies for any sexual activity that involves your genitals.

  1. What if the surgery falls during my menstrual cycle?

Don’t fret – you can still undergo the surgery during your period, but the aftercare is slightly easier if you wait until your cycle is over.

  1. Do you have any before and after photos of your patients’ labiaplasty procedures?

You can find them here.

  1. Will the procedure affect any sensation during sexual intercourse?

No, a successful procedure that doesn’t scar the clitoris shouldn’t result in any changes.

  1. Does the procedure affect childbirth?

No, the labiaplasty doesn’t have any influence on childbirth.

Not answered all of your burning questions about the labiaplasty, or do you feel that you would benefit from one? Reach out to us today!


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