The Surgical Rhinoplasty vs Liquid Rhinoplasty

With the rise in popularity of skin fillers, people who want to change how their nose looks have more options.

Usually referred to as the liquid or non-surgical rhinoplasty, the procedure sees dermal fillers injected into the nose to alter its shape. The changes last about a year and the procedure is less invasive – and cheaper – than the traditional rhinoplasty.

So why spend thousands on a more invasive option when you can just have dermal fillers injected? There are several pros and cons to each procedure:

Traditional Rhinoplasty

This is what people usually refer to when they mention having work done to their nose. Whether purely cosmetic or functional, your surgeon will either use an open or closed approach, using incisions to make permanent alterations.


  • Surgery is permanent. Providing you’re happy with the first surgery, you shouldn’t expect to have it redone
  • Gives you the option of reducing size of the nose, not just the shape
  • You can have the tip of the nose lifted
  • You have the option of decreasing the dorsal hump
  • Can correct problems associated with a deviated septum
  • Can improve your breathing


  • An invasive procedure requiring anaesthetic and incisions, meaning there’ll be recovery time
  • It is costly – prices start at several thousand pounds
  • Results are permanent and any changes will be costly, and may not turn out to be exactly what you want
  • Not generally painful but there may be a numbness to the nose and upper teeth

Liquid Rhinoplasty

This involves having dermal fillers injected into the nose (usually either Juvéderm or Restylane) and doesn’t involve any invasive surgery. Where you have these fillers injected depends on the result you’re looking for.


  • No incisions required
  • Procedure isn’t permanent and tends to last for around a year
  • Despite the subtlety of the procedure, it can transform the overall appearance of your face
  • It is the much more affordable option
  • No anaesthesia is required – you can stay awake during the procedure, and even monitor the amount of filler injected by holding a hand mirror
  • It is reversible and can be dissolved if you aren’t happy
  • It’s a ‘lunch time procedure’ – turn-around time is around 15- 60 mins
  • You can return to work the same day


  • You spend more in the long run trying to maintain the results
  • It’s not permanent
  • Fillers can only really help with camouflaging smaller imperfections like bumps in the bridge of the nose – not larger issues like reducing the overall size of the nose or breathing issues

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