The Thighplasty — What Is It?

What is a thigh-lift?

The thighplasty – also known as a thigh-lift – tightens and improves the overall appearance of the thighs.

Why have a thigh-lift?

The most common reason is that after losing a lot of weight, the skin around the thighs can sag and appear dimpled or flabby due to the excess skin. Other reasons can be the ageing process or the effects of pregnancy.

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Different variations

There are several ways in which you can undergo a thigh-lift. Which type you need will be decided during a consultation with your surgeon, and is determined by the results that you seek. Your options usually vary between a medial thigh-lift (which focuses on the inner thigh) or/and a lateral thigh-lift (the outer thigh) .

The procedure

The procedure can involve general or local anaesthesia, or an epidural. Most incisions occur in the groin area, where there’s a natural skin crease to hide potential scarring.

It’s via these incisions that any excess skin and/or fat is removed, and the thigh is then reshaped and tightened as agreed during the consultation. The surgery  usually takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Aftercare and recovery

During recovery, it’s normal to have some bruising, swelling and general tenderness. This can be treated with appropriate medication.

Wearing compression garments can reduce swelling and promote the healing process. Patients should rest and avoid unnecessary leg movement.

Patients should:

  • Have any surgical sutures removed within two weeks
  • Resume normal diet immediately after surgery
  • Avoid salty foods and reduce coffee intake for the first week
  • Restart cardio after one week
  • Restart weight training after four weeks
  • Shower after 48 hours, but avoid fully submerging in water until advised otherwise
  • Restart driving after seven days

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