Top of the Ops: Music During Surgery

If you know Dr John – which we’re sure you do by now – then you know that not only is he capable of providing his patients with amazing results, but he also likes to keep it fun and entertaining.

As we shared on LinkedIn last week, music is a huge part of Dr John’s life – and the same goes for a lot of his patients.

Indeed, music has become a key tool in providing his patients with a means of comfort throughout surgery.

Not only is music entertaining and known to reduce anxiety, but it also brings Dr John and his patients closer together – and what bond couldn’t be strengthened through a friendly rap battle?

This week, we’re bringing to you the low-down of the music that is most popular amongst the patients in Dr John’s clinic. We even take a behind-the-scenes peek into some of the playlists that have been carefully crafted by John himself!

So, what music have patients been asking for?

Dr John encourages his patients to pick their faves. 

A current trend amongst women at the moment seems to be Frank Ocean – master of confessional song writing, known to croon over the likes of Stevie Wonder-inspired keyboard breeziness to Zen-like 90s-inspired R&B. Frank Ocean’s music is dreamy and is renowned for elevating listeners into their own world – making it clear why he is amongst our female clients’ favourites.

He finds that a lot of patients also request Eminem – a self-professed ‘Rap God’ who’s celebrated for his slick and rapid-fire delivery of humorous anecdotes and controversial disses. With music and lyrics so well-known, it’s too easy for patients to shift their focus to delivering their best Slim Shady bars than the surgery at hand.

Dr John’s own playlists: what’s on them?

If a patient isn’t too fussed on music, Dr John – or in this case, DJ John – usually reaches for his Spotify playlists – which tends to be either surgery-specific or based entirely on vibes.

What’s most interesting would probably be Dr John’s ‘BBL Playlist’ for patients going for a Brazilian butt lift (or a gluteoplasty, if we want to get fancy). An ode to big behinds, Dr John’s BBL playlist features the likes of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda (of course), Sisqo’s Thong Song and Black Eyed Peas’ My Humps.

Dr John also has a ‘Morning Surgery’ playlist, which largely consists of chillwave, pop and EDM, to start your morning off on a light and positive note. On the playlist we see a bunch of TikTok bangers, such as Marshmello’s FRIENDS, Surf Mesa and Emilee’s ily (i love you baby) and 24kGoldn’s Mood.

Towards the end of the day, Dr John likes to go for his ‘Last Surgery’ playlist, which is curated with a wide variation of songs that give him and his patients that final push towards the finish line. On this playlist we see lots of iconic smash hits, from Fleetwood Mac’s The Chain, to Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now, and even Marvin Gaye’s Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

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