Former Love Island star Thomas Powell livestreams op to break taboo of gynaecomastia surgery

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Former Love Island star Thomas Powell has livestreamed his own gynaecomastia operation to smash the taboo over male breast reductions.
The fitness coach, who appeared in the 2016 series of the hit ITV show, has suffered with gynaecomastia for a number of years and decided to go under the knife.
And he saw it as an opportunity to raise awareness of the condition, which affects 35% of all men, and help others who may be unsure about getting treatment.
“I thought we should get it out there while we can!
“Why not show people the full surgery from start to finish? Then they might be less scared and more willing to take the plunge.”
The operation took place today (13 April) and was streamed live on Dr. John’s Instagram 
 and Thomas Powell’s Instagram.
Gynecomastia is a condition of overdevelopment or enlargement of the breast tissue in men or boys. The breasts become larger and may grow unevenly.
The 30-year-old added: “It’s not huge for me, but sometimes I can see it in t-shirts and clothes. But I reckon 75% of men that go to gyms have it and they’re too afraid to talk about it.
“And I think by me opening up on my social media channels it might help other lads feel more confident.
“Because it’s sort of an un-talked about issue. Some people talk about it, but a lot of guys don’t so me being open about having it – and having the surgery – can help a lot of people.
“Since I’ve put it out there, I’ve had loads of people message me – and they’re all people who wouldn’t have talked about it before.”
Thomas’s operation is being carried out by Dr John Skevofilax, Chief of Surgery at Signature Clinics.
“Many men suffer from gynaecomastia – and even though I do this operation around three times a day – men are still embarrassed to talk about it for fear of being mocked.
“That’s why what Thomas is doing is so important. It brings awareness to a very important health issue, and by doing so will help thousands of men.”
Thomas, who now runs his own personal training business, said gynaecomastia can affect anyone – no matter how fit they are.
“With this tissue mass behind the nipple, it doesn’t matter if you do weights, cardio, running or anything like that. You’ll never get rid of it.”
He also talked about the discomfort the condition can cause.
“Your nipples tend to get quite sensitive and the ball behind it gets quite sensitive so putting pressure on it when lifting weights or lying on a bench you can feel it. It can be quite uncomfortable sometimes.”
Following the surgery, Thomas has been given special aftercare items including a post-operative vest and fitted shirt that were designed by Dr John.

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